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Red Hills Surgical Center

Red Hills Surgical Center delivers care in multiple specialty areas, including Gynecology, Orthopedics, Urology, ENT, Podiatry, General Surgery and Pain Management procedures. From a supply chain perspective, this means a wide range of products and a need to understand costs across service lines.

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Surgery Center of Fairbanks

Since 2010, The Surgery Center of Fairbanks has treated thousands of Interior Alaska residents with a wide range of health conditions. The...
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Valley Dermatology

Valley Dermatology Associates is an expanding dermatology group offering state of the art care to a growing patient population in Yakima,...
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Mercy Hills Case Study

As a distinctively designed ambulatory center, Mercy River Hills Surgery Center is equipped with high-definition, digital arthroscopic...
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One Medical Case Study

One Medical is the largest independent primary care practice in America, with 72 offices in 9 major areas across the country. One Medical...

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