Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS) Announces Think Whole Person Healthcare has Received Q3 2018 Best Practice Award

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Inventory Optimization Solutions

(IOS) today announced that Think Whole Person Healthcare has received the 2018 Q3 Best Practice Award. Think Whole Person Healthcare (Think) has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in the Advanced Utilization of Envi® supply chain solutions, improving overall results by automating manual processes, driving greater accuracy and efficiency, and increasing visibility and savings throughout the organization. IOS continually identifies and shares best practices from customers to help educate the healthcare community on supply chain automation, especially in the non-acute healthcare market. Each quarter, IOS recognizes an organization demonstrating exceptional capabilities in supply chain excellence.

Think is an Accountable Care Organization specifically geared toward serving patients with chronic conditions who need ongoing care coordination to keep them on goal and out of the hospital. Think physicians and clinicians see over 2,500 patients on a weekly basis. Think focuses on customer service and its mission of providing better outcomes for patients, giving them an enhanced health experience and lowering the cost of their care through looking at the whole person.

In 2015, the organization opened its doors for patient care and by 2016, the team leading supply chain recognized the opportunity to improve results by moving from manual to more automated electronic processes.

“We set specific goals to target supply chain improvements,” said Jason Gregory, Director of Clinicians/Operations, Think Whole Person Healthcare. “We needed a way to track inventory. We wanted better approval processes. We knew we needed better methods for receiving supplies into the organization, tracking where supplies went once received, and closing the loop on orders, so we could improve end-to-end processes. We worked with our Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) to find a supply chain solution that would be affordable, efficient and help automate everything, from ordering through invoice payment.”

Since implementing the Envi® Supply Chain Solution 2016, the team has recognized improved results and processes throughout the organization. “The Envi system improves our processes throughout – everything from tracking inventory, to reporting and real-time data, to managing expenses and costs,” said Gregory. “We have better control and more accountability.”

IOS works with more than 5,000 healthcare facilities and 68,400 users throughout the United States. As a result of this large footprint and broad range of users, IOS is able to identify, document and share best practices that are designed to help healthcare organizations improve their supply chain processes and overall results.

“Think Whole Person Healthcare is a great example of an organization that looked at their supply chain from end-to-end, across all departments and processes, and set out to improve every aspect,” said Steve Britt, managing partner, IOS. “We’re proud they selected Envi to help them accomplish their goals, and we’re honored to recognize them as the Q3 IOS Best Practice Award Winner. Their supply chain team has driven improvement in every step of their processes, from order creation and approval, through receipt of the electronic invoice and payment. They are a model to other organizations of how good supply chain can get.”

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