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Create purchase orders driven by your item and vendor masters. Manage local and GPO contracts directly in Envi to ensure compliance and proactively address pricing opportunities to save money. Leverage unlimited approval layers for PO authorization. Transmit orders to your connected vendors via EDI.


Track receipts by packing slip, receive by lot, serial and expiration date, efficiently manage backorders, and receive advanced shipment notifications with tracking details. Envi users can leverage our mobile app or third-party barcode scanners to increase the speed and accuracy of inventory control processes.


Envi compares invoice information with your existing purchase order, receiving data and GPO contract information to ensure you pay the right price every time. Matched invoices are interfaced to your accounting software and pre-populated with general ledger account codes.


Envi helps streamline your inventory management process by tracking and supplying the right products to the right locations while keeping your cost accounting accurate and cost effective. Scan one barcode or key on-hand inventory quantities into Envi or with our mobile app. 


Get quick access to real-time reporting and analytics across all facility locations. Access Envi’s dashboard of preconfigured analytics or run custom reports. Automatically schedule any of your reports to run daily, weekly, monthly – anytime you need. You’ll always have analytics and reporting ready for viewing.

Icon of medical buildings connected by the Envi application cloud


See and manage every transaction for your facilities. Use a single vendor master and product list to manage multiple facility locations within your organization. Build enterprise visibility for price management. Assign different levels of access to the system based on each user’s role.


Envi integrates with your supplier catalog, giving you the ability to browse and order through a product image based marketplace experience. Save frequently used item lists for convenient access.


Create, manage, approve and fill electronic requisitions directly within Envi. Distribute products from dedicated inventory locations and convert lines for purchase directly into vendor-facing POs, all while tracking supply expense by department.

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Track product usage by department, physician, preference cards, procedure, and patient from multiple designated storage locations. Monitor on-hand inventory. Deplete supplies by entering usage into Envi or update inventory levels automatically by barcode scanning.


Store all of your organization’s required documents in a central electronic storage location. Attach contracts, quotes, packing slips, invoices, and more. You can quickly view any of the attached documents with just a single click of the icon. No more hunting for pieces of paper.


Monitor the purchase, receipt and use of sensitive supplies such as implants, pharmaceuticals and tissue with lot, expiration date and serial tracking. Prevent costly waste by proactively identifying items about to expire.


Track, record and accurately report the use of surgical implants in a highly automated way, shifting the focus off of you and your staff to the patient care rather than executing manual, tedious tracking.


Single sign–on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to log in with a single set of login credentials. Easily setup and deploy single sign-on based on Envi’s established protocols. We support SAML 2.0


By leveraging the strength of your existing technology investments, Envi enables you to achieve a truly integrated supply chain solution while maximizing the value and capabilities of the connected systems.


Conveniently access online training videos, quick step guides and our best practice recommendations to walk users through system capabilities. Contact our team of world-class support staff via email or phone for help whenever questions arise.


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