Elko Community Health Center

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Case Studies

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Elko Community Health Center is a state-of-the-art healthcare campus developed by Community Health Development Partners (CHDP) in Elko, Nevada. Facilities include an ASC offering a broad range of specialty and general care. CHDP partners with local physicians to expand access to quality, affordable healthcare, with specialty medical services including: cardiology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology and orthopedics.


The Situation

The Elko Community Health Center is part of a local healthcare system developed by Community Health Development Partners. To better serve Elko residents, the facility was built within a vacant building, and CHDP was able to redeploy conveniently located space.

The ASC opened toward the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We were building during COVID, which definitely added complexities, with so many supply chain issues,” said Feliyah (Fey) Reeves, CHL, CRCST, CIS, AGTS, Supply Chain/Materials Manager, Elko Community Health Center. “We built our Envi instance to support our growing organization and went live on Envi right after we opened.”

The Envi Solution

 To support the new ASC, Elko team members spent time on the front end to ensure a seamless go-live. “We worked with our doctors to figure out what we’d use every day and every month, and set initial par levels,” said Reeves. “Now we’re working to get par set to a level of accuracy where we can see exactly what we have, know exactly what we’ll need, and set the system to automatically reorder for us.”

 “We first looked at Envi based on a recommendation from our distributor sales rep, who suggested Envi as a cost effective and efficient solution, and a very easy way to buy from our primary vendors. Today most of our orders go through Envi, especially with the vendors who use EDI. It’s easy and automated, plus we have tracking of all orders on the back-end. We’ve also integrated Envi with our Sage system in AP.”

 Creating a Custom Envi Instance

One of the Envi features selected by Elko was the preference card module, because their current EMR system does not support preference cards. “Envi’s preference cards are very easy to use and maintain,” added Reeves.

 “Our team can pull the products for cases, and see the case cost right on the card. Preference cards have helped us understand case costs, and with Envi, our corporate team has visibility to actual costs and can use this data when they’re working to negotiate reimburse rates. We’ve found in many instances, groups want to reimburse at lower rates because we’re in a rural setting, but we’re able to prove what cases actually cost us.”

 Another important feature for the Elko ASC was inventory management. Reeves wanted to ensure they could track on-hand inventory and know exactly what was in-house. “With Envi, the system will always tell us what we have and where it is. We can find the supplies we need here in the building. And Envi reporting is great, especially the reports I use with AP. We can see what’s been ordered by cost center, for example, podiatry, and see how much and what kind of supplies have been ordered and the related costs.”

 “The flow of Envi is so nice compared to other systems we’d looked at. And the cost was amazing, so there was no question when we chose Envi. As we’ve grown, as we’ve added physicians and service lines, Envi has made it easy to keep up. We know what we’ll need by supply category and when doctors want to make a change, we can do iteasily and quickly in the system. We just started our cath lab which would have been a huge manual process –hundreds and hundreds of stents and other items – but with Envi, we just put the data into an Excel format and the data team uploaded the entire file.”

Copper Ridge Surgery Center Case Study Highlights

Within the new organization, Reeves has been tracking physical inventory regularly, but sees a time when they’ll move to once or twice per year. In the short term, Envi has helped keep inventory and reporting manageable. “For me, just one person managing a big area, Envi makes it easy to track all my supplies. When invoices come in I can compare them to POs, identify issues or price changes and get problems resolved.”

Envi Best Practice Highlights

  • Exceptional reporting to support newly built, rapidly
    growing organization
  • Inventory management simplified, building accurate
    par levels and automatic reordering
  • Adding more vendors to EDI ordering
  • Able to scale more quickly as new services are added

Recommedations & Next Steps

“We really did start with nothing,” said Reeves. “So, we
were able to build out Envi exactly how we wanted. An
organization switching over to Envi might have to find
ways to work with what they already have. Either way,
bring in your AP team early to understand how Envi works.
Our AP leader joined all of our Envi team calls and was
instrumental in ensuring we did a good job setting up GL
codes and cost centers. He helped us figure out what we’d
need throughout our reporting.”

“We are really enjoying having Envi and working with the
Envi team. As we add new sites – we’re building right now
in Havasu, Pahrump and Reno – and they’ll also be using