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Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS) Announces Community Blood Center of the Carolinas has Received Q2 2018 Best Practice Award

by | Aug 8, 2018 | News Releases

Inventory Optimization Solutions (IOS) today announced that Community Blood Center of the Carolina (CBCC) has received the 2018 Q2 Best Practice Award. CBCC has demonstrated exceptional proficiency during their recent implementation of Envi® supply chain solutions. Every quarter, IOS identifies and shares best practices from among its customer base of over 5,000 healthcare facilities, helping provide education to the healthcare community on supply chain automation, especially in the non-acute healthcare market.

CBCC is a locally-based blood bank serving hospitals and patients in the Carolinas. A team of over 150 employees support five collection centers and mobile blood facilities. CBCC is a member of Blood Centers of America which is a cooperative of 51 not for profit independent community blood centers representing nearly 40% of the American blood supply. CBCC believes in a community-based philosophy: blood provided by donors stays in local communities first to help family members, friends and neighbors, then excess supply is shared with other communities when it’s needed most.

The corporate headquarters of CBCC is using the Envi solution from IOS to support a central warehouse in Charlotte, which leverages a spoke and wheel model to enable supply chain processes including procurement, requisitioning, inventory management, and distribution for all of CBCC’s facilities.

A team of three led the internal efforts for a smooth transition from manual processes to Envi. Chief Financial Officer Don Wall said, “We set specific goals to make implementation easy for our users, to ensure we were creating end-to-end process enhancements, and to align strategically, enabling a new model of centralization, standardization, price consolidation and efficiency. Our internal team included project and warehouse managers, and together we focused on mapping the business processes to compare previous state to our intended future state. We focused on our data, to ensure when we went live on Envi, we had the data needed both at the enterprise and user levels.”

With strong internal communication in place, the CBCC team worked with an IOS implementation leader to structure new business processes that improved control, enabled standardization for better pricing, and created visibility to the entire inventory lifecycle. “We can now see our supplies throughout the organization and can more effectively set inventory levels. We envision a future in which staff members in remote facilities won’t even have to create requisitions – we’ll be able to anticipate what they need,” added Wall.

Throughout the implementation process and since going live, the team at CBCC has been documenting internal best practices, results and the roadmaps for enhancements. This will enable them to share their experiences with other blood centers getting ready to go live on Envi solutions.

Initial results have included:

  • Creation of a standardized formulary to ensure product consistency and optimized pricing
  • Creation of user templates to support a streamlined user requisitioning experience
  • Visibility to inventory for better replenishment based on actual levels of items
  • Reduction of product expirations and resulting waste
  • Consolidation of separate requisitioning and inventory management processes

“Every quarter, we’re excited to conduct a nomination process that looks at the successes we see across our customer base,” said Steve Britt, managing partner, IOS. “As our team looked at the Q2 nominees, we had a challenging decision to select a single group, but with consideration, decided CBCC was an outstanding example of a successful implementation process. As a result of their team’s efforts, CBCC has been able to quickly recognize benefits from Envi modules, including centralization, standardization, pricing optimization, and greater visibility throughout their organization, benefiting their diverse environment of remote blood center locations and mobile donation vehicles.”

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