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Advanced Dermatology

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Case Studies

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With more than 150 offices in 14 states, Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery is one of the premier dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices. With a combination of knowledge, experience, compassion and leading-edge technology, Advanced Dermatology treats the unique medical and cosmetic/aesthetic needs of patients and is dedicated to delivering a remarkable patient-care experience.


Rapid Growth Called for a Better Infrastructure

Advanced Dermatology was experiencing rapid expansion, with growth coming through both acquisition and opening of new practices. As an organization that supports both medical and cosmetic/aesthetic patient care, the supply chain team had a complex set of supplies and vendors to manage, and an existing system that wasn’t keeping up with its expanding needs.

Patrick Roth, Senior Purchasing Manager at Advanced Dermatology, was looking for a more user-friendly system that would support the changing needs of the growing organization, while delivering better reporting capabilities.

“Customized reporting was difficult with our old system, as were monthly cycle counts, which we’ve been doing in every facility,” said Roth. “We implemented Envi last year, and since then, we’ve been able to streamline not only reporting and cycle counting, but also our ordering, approval, item substitution and receiving substitution processes. We’ve rolled out with a phased approach – our first location went live in September 2021, and then we rolled out another 25% of our clinics each month, until every site was live by end of ’21.”

To support its growth, the team added Provista Procurement to Envi technology, providing incremental resources to increase the accuracy and efficiency of orders. “Our Procurement team double-checks our orders, helping us verify items, units of measure, and contract compliance before submitting.”

Using the Envi Solution

The purchasing department has expanded its capabilities and services with the combination of Envi and Provista Procurement. “Our previous system supported an approval process, but again, it was very clunky,” said Roth. “The ease of updating everything through Envi is a game changer.”

“Our major vendors are set up as EDI through Envi, so placing orders and fulfillment is fast and automated. If there are product substitutions or updates to a PO, the Provista team steps in with an assist, so they monitor for changes to price, quantities, and items. They’ll update POs for us and make sure we’ve got confirmations for as many orders as possible. Orders are shipped from vendors, and our clinics manage the receiving process. They go into Envi and acknowledge receipt, whether partial or complete. Then our accounts payable team can jump right into the AP module and match invoices through Envi. It’s a very seamless process.”

Roth added, “There have been a lot of substitutions coming from vendors and distributors this past year, so many invoices come in including items used to replace something on back-order. With Envi, we can identify these discrepancies and use Envi’s stop-gap measures to flag invoices and POs that don’t match up. Envi helps us continue to improve our cross-functional processes.”

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