Bi-Weekly Service

Save $240 a year and get 50 hours of your time back


Weekly Service

Save $909 a year plus 110 hours of free time


Unlimited Service

Save $1000s and have your free time for you!


Our bi-weekly service for people who want to maintain their cars appearance inside and out, but don't need a weekly service


Our weekly service for people who want to their car to always have that "just detailed" look and finish, inside and out.


Our ultimate service for our most valuable clients.  We jammed it with more and more benefits until our bean counters screamed for mercy - and then we dropped the bomb!

"Oh yeah, and it's going to be unlimited."

What you get:

Envi Regular Cleans gives you the option to book two Shine or Detail services per month. Schedule your service for whatever time and whatever location is most convenient for you through our Web or Mobile site, or same day with the Envi App, and our detailers will come make your car Envi Clean!

What you get:

Envi Keep it Clean gives you the option to book four Shine or Detail services per month, and after three months of service we'll throw in an Envi Showroom Service to renew your paint and interior to give your car that extra shine, sparkle and protection.

What you get:

Envi VIP starts with a Showroom Service experience, a $149 value that repairs surface damage to your car's finish and deep cleans your interior to give your car that glass finish and leave it looking and smelling like new.

Followed by unlimited Envi Detail & Shine experiences.


  • Paint cleaned, waxed, and UV protected.
  • External glass cleaned.
  • External plastics cleaned.
  • Tires cleaned.
  • Wheels cleaned and waxed.


All services in the Envi Shine, plus:

  • Internal glass cleaned.
  • Internal plastics cleaned.
  • Carpet & upholstery brushed and vacuumed.
  • Dashboard and center console wiped down.

Showroom Service:

All services in the Envi Detail service, plus:

  • Clay bar treatment to remove all contamination on the car's clear coat, making it as smooth and shiny as glass.
  • 100% Pure Carnauba paste wax  to add that extra shine & depth to the finish.
  • Leather treatment to clean and moisturize your leather to make it look, feel and smell like new again.
Please note: All Envi membership services are limited to a single vehicle. The Keep it Clean experience members will include a Showroom Service experience coupon code after 90 days of Keep it Clean membership service; meaning, members will receive one (1) coupon code at the beginning of the fourth month for the registered vehicle, and every 90 days thereafter. Envi reserves the right to cancel, change, or amend membership service agreements at anytime.